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I got into photography whilst recovering from an accident a few years ago. Finding it a very interesting hobby with so many challenges. I’m based in Cambridgshire where I take my local landscape pictures. I work in and around London which allows me to see many different visions.


As my experience built I found I was achieving my goals and capturing images of the vision I had of a subject be it a local landscape scene,  a random moment, or a subject lit using my off camera flash set ups.

I’m currently trying to broaden my portfolio i’m always looking for new scenes and subjects  to shoot. As I like to diversify and take “out of box” images.  My current project is to capture local scenes, buildings I see and textures. 

I’m keen to hear of any ideas you may have of places, events or people to shoot.


I am a passionate freelance photographer. I shoot events, people  and sports. My creative passion is landscape photography. My current project is to build a portfolio of events and work within the events industry. While  capturing local landscapes from my home county of Cambridgeshire and bordering counties into winter where the views changed significantly. I am focusing on variety in my work continually looking for inspiration. Please see my contact page for more information- Contact-Info.





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  1. hi mike we met today at brancaster (i was trying to kitesurf) looking forward to seeing any picks of the day. gotta say what a great idea and i hope it all goes well for ya bud. see you next time on the beach.Tim

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